allie FTMFW!!!!! (the_lampshade) wrote in fisheyebffs,
allie FTMFW!!!!!

Where's Lou Seal Answers
The original Where's Lou Seal pictures are on there. Thank you everybody for participating!

#1 - Top left hand side, right between the Quizzle game and the purple puzzle box.
#2 - Top shelf on the bottom. On the left of the peanuts and above the Teddy Grahams.
#3 - Bottom shelf of the two that are in the middle of the picture, all the way on the left.
#4 - Top shelf, above the lunchbags.

I'm sure you guys probably got them all right, but I hope you had fun nonetheless!

Other than that, I think I should add a new hobby to Lou Seal's biography based on this You Tube video. Go get 'em Lou Seal!!!

PS - Dont forget to check out the beautiful new layout Ana made!
PPS - We have 15 members now. Everybody try to promote it to get more to join or at least watch. ;D Do you think this community should remain public like we are making it now or would it be better if it was friends only?
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