Iris (sleepall_day) wrote in fisheyebffs,

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First picture post! Thanks for letting me join in the fun :) Oh, and I'm loving the new profile: "And starting catcher from a whole family of catchers Bengie Molina". HAHA, how true. :) Well, this is the first roll I developed from the fisheye... definitely a "learning experience," I'll say. Now I know that when they say "use flash indoors," they mean business.

That's the manual that came with the Fisheye. I don't think at that point I quite knew the scope of the Fisheye lens.

And that is all... nothing else turned up well, from the roll. But I've started a second roll, and trying to be more conservative about the things I take pictures of, hah. I went a little nuts when I first got the camera.
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