Iris (sleepall_day) wrote in fisheyebffs,

BENGIE after Bengie Molina, formerly of the Angels
Date of Birth - August 11, 2007
Place of Birth - Urban Outfitters, Irvine, CA
Gender - Male
Height - 2.5 inches
Weight - He's quite pudgy for a camera.
Favorite Food - FOOD?! EVERYTHING!!!
Favorite Sport - Baseball. He likes to hit home runs so that he can take his time rounding the bases.
Favorite Quote - "Slow and steady wins the race."
Favorite Color - Orange and black for now, likely to change sometime though.
Favorite Animal - Sloths, turtles, and other such slow-moving creatures.
Favorite Hobby - Spending time with his brothers Jose Bengie Molina and Yadier B. (presumably Bengie) Molina. Bengie's real name is Bengie Jose Molina. They had really creative parents, real thinkers.
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